Autumn Canapé Menu

Autumn Canapé Menu

Autumn Canapé


Iberico Pork and Pickled Walnut

Charred Tartare of Veal, Truffle and Wood Sorrel

Braised Pigeon Croquette and Gooseberry

Chicken, Burnt Onion and Shallot

Truffled Potato, Cheddar and Bacon


Cornish Crab on Tapioca, Pickled Cucumber and Coral Mayonnaise

Smoked Cod and Caviar

Tuna Tartare, Ponzu, Jalapeno, Puffed Starch

Rillettes of Mackerel, Tarragon and Toasted Muffin

Scallop Ceviche £3 supp.


Truffle Arancini and Aged Parmesan

Beetroot, Goats Curd, Artichoke and Balsamic